Dead Zed Unblocked

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Dead Zed is survival game in which you find yourself trapped in zombie apocalypse and you need to hold on for 40 days until help arrives, until that you need to defend the place where you live from dead man walking or zombies who will come at you from all sides. Dead Zed is free online game that you can play here without installation or registration and it's unblocked game which means that you can play from school or work any time and any day in a week. If you ever wanted to see how it is to try to survive the zombie apocalypse then you can experience that in this online Dead Zed game. Like in the popular tv show Walking Dead you will need to secure the place where you need to live for 40 days until help arrives so it's just you and green creatures all alone and you need to kill every one of them in order to survive. Story behind unblocked Dead Zed is that the world is under Zombie Apocalypse, people try to surviving everywhere running from zombies, defending the place like abandoned house or building or hiding. Nothing is more same as before, hospital, zoo, police stations, schools everything is now empty, abandon from people but full with zombies wandering around looking for victim, fresh meat, anything that breath. So like all other survivors you need to defend yourself, you need to survive and your best friend is your rifle and ammo that is only friend who can help you against zombies who will come from all sides in order to bite you and eat you. This shooting game can teach you how to survive in case of Zombie Apocalypse and you can learn some interesting things that can save you and that is good thing because you never know when will zombie knock on your door.


This free to play Dead Zed Unblocked game you play by killing zombies, defending yourself and securing the place where you need to spend 40 days until help arrives. In order to kill zombies who will come from all sides in your direction, you need to use your rifle, aim at zombies head and take a shoot, if you wondering why in the head the answer is simple, in order to kill zombie for sure you need to destroy their brain and if you hit them with a bullet in the head they will instantly drop dead but the thing is it's not gonna be easy to hit a zombie in the head from a distance so you need to aim well and when you are sure, take the shoot. If you hit zombie anywhere else then the head you will need more than one bullet in order to kill them and in that way you will just lose time and other zombies will come in bigger group at you so you need to be fast and precise, that is very important in this game if you want to survive for 40 days. Your mission will not always be to just kill zombies it would also be in saving other survivors, in some situation during the game you will need to help some people. Don't forget the fact that every zombie is different in a way that some zombies will walk slowly to you and other will walk fast and some of them will run and in that situation you will first need to kill the fast zombies. If zombie come too close to you, they will bite you and kill you which in that case will mean that it's game over for you. What this Dead Zed game makes challenging is the fact that you will have limited resources, like in real life, which again mean that you need to use your ammo wisely, make every bullet count because an army of dead will attacking you in waves and you need to do your best to survive until help arrives. Dead Zed is one of the best surviving games and it is most quality flash game that will give you realistic feel while you playing this game. Also Dead Zed game belong to the most played and most realistic zombie apocalypse group of games today.


This shooting game you will for the most of the time play using you mouse controller to aim and to shoot and do all kind of action. For every realistic online flesh game it is very important that details are beautiful and you can manage that in the setting of the game or options. You can choose Low, Medium or High and in that way choose what best suits to your taste for graphic details. The effects and sound of firing bullets are so realistic that will blow your mind, just pay attention on small details that are beautiful, like when you hit a zombie with a bullet you will see blood dripping from them and that is good detail for zombie game. Developers of this awesome and challenging Unblocked Dead Zed game did awesome job when it comes to graphic and sound effects. Latter in the dead zed unblocked game you will find a lot of different kind of weapons that will be more powerful than your rifle but still you will need to use that weapons wisely because you are in zombie apocalypse time and everything is important and if you save things and play smart that will rise your chance to survive this nightmare that will last for 40 days.


Fantastic story line, realistic atmosphere of survival in time of zombie apocalypse, awesome weapons and sound effect of the bullets so many thing that makes this online game very special and if you are searching for the best Zombie Apocalypse or Surviving game then Dead Zed is the best choice of unblocked game for you. In this shooting game you can test your skills for surviving, your skills for aiming and killing zombies, your ability to help others and to do good things and so much more,try and see how would will you obtain fin the world of zombie apocalypse, can you survive 40 days, can you save your ammo, can you save others, can you defend your place, can you survive? Anyhow we wish you good luck in this challenging Dead Zed game.


You never know when it can happen, you must be prepared in advance for zombie coming, you must be ready for everything in any time so playing this flesh Dead Zed game is great opportunity for you to learn something and figure out maybe how would your surviving be in this situation. Have you ever wondered how would you behave and how you would react if zombie apocalypse break out? If you are maybe through this game you could find the answer to that question. For a start it is essential to find a place where is difficult for zombies to come, a place that is inaccessible to them so you can have a peaceful sleep and also additional security in the building because it's a desirable thing because it is essential to have more types of zombies protection in case of emergencies. Source of food is also very important thing, in the beginning people would supplied themselves from abandoned stores and supermarket but that would be just a short time solution, it would be much smarter and better to plant something in the ground and have some livestock. In that way you would be secured with food in the long run. After you make yourself secure safe with food and water it would be desirable to have several types of weapons such as, a rifle, pistol, knife and machete. When you feel completely secure and safe then you could go in search for survivors who still run away and hide from zombies so you can provide them with a safe place, food and water and at the same time grant each other everyday tasks, because after the end of modern civilization time when it takes a long time to provide basic food and a source of clean water is back again. Surviving a zombie apocalypse in dead zed unblocked mostly depends on how mentally strong you are and what you are willing, because the zombie apocalypse can be a very dark place where it's not only zombies those who sow fear and death. Mental strength of every man and woman is a very important factor in the survival of any situation.


The way in which you would opposed the zombies in a zombie apocalypse is also very important, a close battle with the zombies can be fatal and it is very risky, because one wrong step can mean death for you in as much as one bite and that is it. If you use firearms you must be precise in order to hit the zombies in the head and kill them instantly, but bad thing with firearms is that that is very noisy and the sound attracts zombies that are close and you can be in dangerous situation. One of the best solution for a weapon might be a crossbow because it's quite lethal and ammunition you can regain which means a lot, and the third thing is that it is completely silent weapon. Crossbow and samurai sword are perhaps the two most effective weapon against the zombies in unblocked dead zed game.